Our Advantage

Passionate. Smart. Effective.
That’s our advantage & yours.

Our unique value proposition rests in offering real exposure to small and medium businesses in under-invested sectors and unlocking value through actively and deeply managing these ventures. We redefine the meaning of active management with a structure and philosophy that offers direct operational reporting and unfettered board oversight with our subsidiary companies, coupled with unmatched and diverse experience that equips us to spot and engage with both problems and opportunities in the earliest stages.

We are constantly assessing niche, high-margin opportunities and innovating creative structures with which we can obtain direct exposure to those markets. Our decision making process begins with the thousands of businesses we’ve already looked at, giving us a uniquely capable set of experience from which to make our analyses.

This bold and creative style is all held together with old-fashioned hard work. We roll up our sleeves and dive in, putting our dynamic vision into motion every day – and we do it with style.

Our Team

Onward. Upward. Together.

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